Christmas in Inglewood Show

Just confirmed that Tim Leacock will be performing with me and Stefano at the Christmas in Inglewood show on Thursday November 13th. Tim is an excellent singer and performer – technically I should really be backing him up! And I also have booked Danny Patton to join us on keyboard for the Halloween show in … Continued

Two More Shows in October

Just finished booking two more shows in October – in particular one for the whole band at the Water Valley Saloon for Halloween! The place has some history in my family – which I’ll tell you about if you come on down to the show. Also a mystery: what the heck am I going to … Continued

Two Wonderful Solo Shows

Just finished up two wonderful solo shows this week, one at the Delta Bow Valley Hotel Lounge, and another at a cozy music room/restaurant called Jacqueline’s Bistro. In other news, I am thrilled to let you all know that my former accordion instructor, Penny Sanborn, has released her debut solo accordion CD, called “Serenade”. The … Continued