“Springlewood” was a hoot!

“Springlewood” was a hoot…and is sure to become an annual event in Inglewood given the feedback from the store merchants – many of whom said it was their best day in months, if not ever! Also, a fellow East-Coast musician, the multi-talented Ian Sherwood, is coming to town to play a couple shows with me … Continued

“Springlewood” in Inglewood

“Springlewood” in Inglewood is all planned, and this Saturday is going to be a hoot! We’ve got all sorts of neat tastings, in-store demos, and cool contests happening, so make sure you come on down and check it out! I’ll be playing at From the Ground Up (lower level of the Garry Theatre – right … Continued

Working All Night Online

Just had some fun working all night online, and adding more new photos and videos. There’s an especially neat video of my pitching a song to Sherrill Blackman, the Nashville song plugger, during the ECMA’s. I had no idea Gary had been listening and videotaping outside the window while I was sitting in that tiny … Continued

Burnt My Candle at Both Ends

Well, I think I burnt my candle at both ends, and in the middle, during ECMA’s, because I needed a whole 2 sick days upon return! But I wouldn’t change a thing! We have a ton of wonderful contacts, and some hilarious (if not incriminating) pictures. We’ll put the good ones up on this site … Continued

The ECMA’s are Absolutely Incredible!

Wahooo! The ECMA’s are absolutely incredible – I ended up with 3 hours on Discovery Stage (only one of which was planned) and then have been playing impromptu at every turn I get. Sherrill Blackman (a Nashville song plugger) kindly, and spontaneously gave me an hour of his time to listen to my songs (because … Continued