Meeting with Fuze Entertainment

On Monday, I had the pleasure of meeting with Fuze Entertainment, one of Calgary’s top entertainment agencies, and since then they’ve already pitched me 3 shows (as soon as these are confirmed, I will be posting them on my shows page). Wahoo! In other news, I got my rough demos done of three of my … Continued

Very Busy Couple of Weeks

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks. I’ve written a couple of new songs, and been working to line up the band’s dance card for Stampede Week. I also found an awesome new drummer, Anton Danielsen…who has over 20 years playing experience and has an excellent feel for my material. Like me, he also … Continued

Great Little Monday Night Show

Had a great little Monday night show with Ian Sherwood and Kevin Ryan. Felt pretty much like a cozy maritime kitchen party where we were all collaborating on each other’s songs! Also recorded the new version of I Found Love with Kit Johnson for the Nashville Song Plugger who requested it…what a wonderful job Kit … Continued