Our Stampede Schedule

Our stampede schedule is shaping up beautifully, and the band was just invited to perform at Kensington’s Sun and Salsa festival July 19th, on the Main Stage 2 (near Safeway). The festival is Kensington’s biggest one of the year, and it’s going to be an amazing show!! Mark your calendars, and come down to load … Continued

Finished the Tracks for the Movie

Wahoooo!!! I finished the tracks for the movie…and it’s done in time to make the film festival competition deadlines. What a fantastic learning experience it was writing songs and backgrounds for film sequences – one of those things I always wondered if I could do, because when you watch a movie it looks so perfectly … Continued

Serendipitous breakthrough!!

Serendipitous breakthrough!! We’ve found a new, permanent lead guitar player: Peter Boyce! Funny story: I met him about a month ago at Ironwood at my lunch show, and we got our wires crossed re: who was supposed to call whom…and he assumed I filled the spot, and I assumed he found something else. So then, … Continued