Rowdy Grey Cup Party

Recovering from a very rowdy Grey Cup party at Delta last night!! Thanks to Allen Christie for getting me through that last set – even yodelling me through that last tune when my throat was spent – and to Dwight Thompson for being such a great sport by sitting in on base – amazing ears, … Continued


CD #2 RECORDING KICKS OFF! Awesome first recording day in the studio at Sundae Sound! We got bed tracks for 7 songs down, despite my being very hoarse. Luckily, the bed tracks just needed clean bass and drums, and I only had to play and sing well enough to keep the tempo and feel going … Continued

Got back from gig in Scapa

Got back from gig in Scapa (north of Hanna) today – it was a beautiful little community hall, and the people there were wonderful!! Great meal, great dancers, and the hosts made the band feel like a part of the family – even sending us home with extra food! Thank you Kim, Rick, Gus & … Continued

Peaceful Remembrance Day

Howdy folks, and I hope you’re all having a peaceful Remembrance Day. It’s beautiful here in Calgary – sunny and bright. One of those days you feel grateful for all we have here in Canada! Here’s an old favourite my mom used to sing…this version sung by the great John Denver: CLICK HERE. So beautiful!

Diving into Social Media

Diving into Social Media….I have finally jumped on board with Twitter, and created a Fanpage on Facebook! I already had a MySpace as well, but now I’ve linked it into this website off the homepage (see below). If you join these sites (either Twitter or Facebook is easiest), you’ll be able to get our news … Continued