Girl strums, Mom yodels

Okay, what to title a blog that covers progressive happenings of both myself and my wee one? First, it turns out the kid has a good sense of rhythm, and can really get that baby Taylor pounding loud!  She decided she didn’t want to work on her own song at this point, and so I … Continued

Vocal Performance Coaching

Well, I’m taking the plunge and have hired Brian Farrell, an extremely well-reputed vocal performance coach, to help me continue to hone my skills. Brian has worked with serious singers like Paul Brandt, Sarah MacLachlan and Jann Arden…so I guess he’s more than qualified to help me!! Brian has a lovely home in Bearspaw, with … Continued

Beautiful Doll is Learning Guitar

Had a wonderful experience yesterday evening! My daughter (the “Beautiful Doll” I wrote about in my song) asked me to start teaching her guitar. This was so fun and cute, because she said she did not want to learn my “country” songs, but wanted to learn a rock song. So, I didn’t really have one … Continued