2017 Ramps Up

Good news.  Alberta survived 2016, and we’re now in an uptick for 2017.  So it’s about time our city revived a few parties and showed some of that hardy spirit a la “Sunshine City.”

As for us, the band is on a songwriting vector… my thought that is that if I am ever going to write a hit tune, I can’t keep writing in isolation. I need to get the boys helping out on the tune-smithing.  First group songwriting attempt was last night, and it went great.  We morphed a developing tune that really needed a boost into something very different and cool.  It’s not done yet, but almost, and it’ll be something really fresh.  If we get enough new songs written, we could be starting the next album this year, so fingers are crossed.  This time, I am not going to be the only one singing lead on the album!

Meanwhile, we’re still adding in a few carefully selected covers, with an emphasis on new and Canadian content.  Covers make you learn and stretch too, and push you to try new sounds, assuming of course you’re doing the songs YOU love the most, not ones you think others expect you to play.  And that’s exactly what we’re doing. If you haven’t heard it yet, request Johnny’s version of Brian Wilson, by the Barenaked Ladies, at our next show.   And the new Whitehorse tune, Devil’s Got a Gun.

2017 just keeps getting better.

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