A Musician Who Does House Concerts


Ever been to a house concert, i.e. where a professional musician plays acoustically right in someone’s living room? 

Recently I had the pleasure of playing for some friends at their home in Calgary;  they’d put on an amazing meal, and I thought it would be fun to get out the guitar and jam.  It was just amazingly fun.  Some songs my friends even sang with,  or played along with – as my friend’s husband also played bass!  

It was a blast – and it reminded me of how fun playing in a circle around the living room or backyard is.  So I guess that makes me a musician who does house concerts!

So I just wanted to put it out there:  If you would like me to come and perform in your living room, or backyard, DON’T BE SHY TO ASK….I know a ton of songs, originals and covers from sooo many genres, it’ll be a night you’ll always remember.   And if you have a favourite song I can learn for you (if I don’t already know it) – just ask!

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