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Born in Saint John, NB, Jacquie Drew began her musical training at age 4, and was taught to play chords on piano by her singing and songwriting mother. The middle of three musical daughters, Jacquie and her family moved to Alberta during the oil boom years, settling in Calgary, where she took piano lessons and played in school bands.

Times were hard in Alberta, and Jacquie realized that a business degree would be her ticket to supporting herself. She soon started her own successful marketing consultancy, which gave her the flexibility to take on support roles in bands and learn several other instruments to stretch her creativity.  In 2008, Jacquie’s performing skills and  music repertoire had reached a level where she was confident that she could front her own act, and she put her marketing and business skills into action.


She released her debut CD, Rolling Wind, in June 2008.  The album contained 10 tracks, including 8 written by Jacquie, and was produced with all-Canadian talent in Calgary.  It was received with excellent media reviews, including a “Top 12 DIY” selection in Nashville’s Performing Songwriter Magazine.  It also garnered radio airplay on CBC, CKUA and Golden West Radio, and launched Jacquie’s solo performing career.

Jacquie completed her second album,  Red Hot Candy Heart, in late 2010 with a radio release in January 2011 . The CD featured 10 original tunes, solo-penned by Jacquie, musically crossing from country to swing.  The album was produced by one of her band members and talented guitarist/bassist Lawrence Ball. In February 2011, the album reached #4 nationally on the Canadian folk/root/blues charts.

Jacquie’s third album, “The Boss is a Woman” was released in January 2015. The album featured 11 original tunes solo-penned by Jacquie Drew was recorded with talents of her band at the time –  “the Crew.”  Performances on this album reflected her growth as a band leader –  and featured a spectacular CD release show – with the input of  professional performance coaches out of Nashville and LA.  The album received airplay on over 40 independent radio stations in Canada, but she found herself very busy rehearsing the group, and getting gigs that would keep the band working steadily, most of which were private gigs, and thus dominated by needing to play cover tunes.

By late 2017, Jacquie decided it was time to stop worrying about keeping a band working, and focus on original music.  She disbanded the Crew to refocus on songwriting, facilitated by several trips to Nashville to find collaborators (she found a great one in Barbro Schoenberger!) and take seminars.  By late 2019, she was ready to record, and travelled back to Nashville in December to record with a very well known folk-roots producer, Steve Dawson. There she recorded a very unique solo album, “Lifelong Truth”  – her fourth album of original songs.  It was mostly completed by February 2020, with the exception of one song…which ended up delaying the whole release.

Then the pandemic!  Jacquie was worried about the stress of her neighbours, so she started playing music from her front porch.   Pretty soon, her husband Gary bought her a generator so she could set up anywhere, so they launched a new community-based non-profit organization called Community Isobreaker,  staging over 60 events with outdoor entertainment using volunteer entertainers all over Calgary.  She also began hosting Nashville-style outdoor jams (where everyone joins in,  and takes turns leading the songs)  and touring these around Calgary and area to outdoor green spaces.    In Summer 2021, she was awarded a “white hat” ceremony by the Mayor and her MLA, to thank her for her community service!

Lifelong Truth was finally released in 2021, and it reached #6 on the national folk roots chart ( and #1 at CJSW in Calgary).  Because of pandemic restrictions, touring was limited to free pop-up shows…and she did many at hospitals to thank all of the front-line workers for their considerable efforts.  She also released a song and video for Front Line workers called “Soldier’s Heart in 2021” – co-written by a good friend Barbro Schoenberger from Germany, whom she continues to write with regularly.

Jacquie’s latest development is the addition of live looping to her show – laying down (in front of a live audience) her own bass lines, percussion, rhythm guitar, keyboards, and backup vocals into her loop pedal…and then performing with her own lead vocal and lead guitars.  She also began learning the violin in April 2022 so she could layer it to create a full string section…but this may be a little delayed…

In late July 2022, Jacquie had a motorcycle accident while riding in the mountains west of Nanton (yes, out of cell phone range!).  She cracked 7 ribs, bruised a lung, separated her shoulder and suffered a concussion. Luckily, her husband Gary was riding just ahead of her and had an international SOS device, calling in emergency crews from Turner Valley, Okotoks, and elsewhere… and thankfully STARS helicopter ambulance made it to the scene and got her to Foothills Hospital where she stayed for a few days! 

Fortunately, Jacquie’s hands were unharmed, and she is now back to performing!  The accident also helped her think about where she wants to take her musical performances – where live music is needed and appreciated most; places like homeless shelters, prisons, care facilities, community events, and listening venues. Regardless, she would love to hear from you!

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