“Two words describe Jacquie Drew’s latest single “Affliction” best – soft and strong. Although these seem a bit oxymoronic, there is no better definition. To the listener’s ear, the instrumentation and Jacquie’s voice are unbelievably soothing; however when one dials into the lyricism, “I wouldn’t say you’re an addiction ‘cause I don’t want a cure” it’s clear the content Drew is discussing is a deep pull and longing for her love. The powerful word choice shows just how intense these feelings run for Drew. It really is a wonderfully conflicting universe she creates between content and soundscape.

Songs like “Affliction” are a breath of fresh air in modern music due to their rawness. This track is a cleverly arranged masterpiece with a mix of modern folk and a nostalgic sound similar to Fleetwood Mac. Drew did an amazing job preserving the organic beauty by not over saturating the original recording with modern effects.” Jane Lambert, Modern Mystery

“A groovin’ alt country backdrop…..a real down-home feel …. very nicely done kind of home-spun energy to it, as opposed to throwing in all sorts of studio tricks that would make for a shiny too-perfect sound, which would’ve robbed the songs of their honesty and impact- though guest musician and Canadian Country Hall Of Famer Wendell Ferguson lends some pretty tasty lead work too…..Her songs are honest and deep, with the occasional dash of humor.”  GONZO MAGAZINE (Lloydminster, AB)


“We were impressed by her two earlier records, Rolling Wind and Red Hot Candy Heart, and she sustains that quality level here, with the aid of ace band The Crew. They include Canadian Country Music Hall of Famer Wendell Ferguson, while Juno-winning sound engineer Danny Patton co-produces with Drew. “ NEWMUSICCANADA (Toronto, ON)


“Drew’s got a rocking band here, with lots of hot guitar solos, fiddle fills, organ washes and a great trumpet solo on the cocktail jazz of Galaxy Girl. It provides a staunch backup for Drew’s strong voice and her no-nonsense lyrics.” STAR PHOENIX (Saskatoon, SK)


“Atlantic Seabreeze rates this album high on it’s album ratings chart and foresees much success on radio and with the fans.”


“This Calgary cowgirl cranks out another foot-stomping collection of originals.  Guitar legend Wendell Ferguson plays lead throughout the album, punctuating and highlighting Drew’s big country voice.  Highlights include Sunshine City, Lovestruck, Money, Who Saved Who and the gutsy title track.”  Dave Reed, Intelligencer (Belleville, ON)


“For those who like their country and roots sounds to come served with humor and a big heart, we can recommend Red Hot Candy Heart. It is the second album from Alberta-based singer/songwriter JACQUIE DREW, and is already getting a great reaction.”
Kerry Doole/TANDEM Magazine (Toronto/Montreal)


“…had me instantly hooked….Jacquie Drew writes straight from the heart, bringing so much her own quirkiness to these slice of life songs that audiences will always relate to them.”
Jason Gladu/STAGE DOOR Magazine (Toronto, ON)


“At times, her twangy vocals evoke Nanci Griffith, but Drew croons with more low-end in her alto. Drew’s compositions tackle love and longing with equal parts attitude and vulnerability.”
Lizza Connor Bowen, Performing Songwriter Magazine (Nashville, TN)


“Jacquie Drew is a cowgirl’s cowgirl…there are countless women in Saskatchewan who will love this album with it’s odes to women in a man’s world, women who battle cancer and women who just want to be loved no matter what.”
Marlon Hector/MOOSE JAW TIMES-HERALD (Moose Jaw, SK)


“A collection of western tunes that range from rockabilly to country swing, an album with heart….Jacquie Drew’s musical career will be as long and successful as she wants it to be.”
John Kereiff/GONZO MAGAZINE (Kamloops, BC)  


“Drew has a light-hearted appeal that puts me in mind of another great Canadian country gal, Terri Clark.”
Roxanne Delage/SEAWAY NEWS (Cornwall, ON)


“A mix of classical honky-tonk country and pop, with lyrics poking fun at subjects from housework to mid-life crises; delivering easy melodies with an expressive country voice. She is best compared to country star Carlene Carter, daughter of the legendary June Carter.”
Hermina Paull/Grenfell Sun (Grenfell, SK)


“And what a sound – a rich brew of influences from blues to country and jazz, laced with everywoman themes and intimate moments.”
Mary-Lynn Wardle/ FFWD Weekly (Calgary, AB)



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