Adventures in Ottawa

Had a couple of showcases in Ottawa during CAPACOA (the voice of the Canadian performing arts presenting and touring sector). Played at Avant Garde (an artsy bauhause style bar) – who I don’t think initially “got” the chick in the cowboy hat at first – but were all into it by the end (or was it the booze?)! Saturday I headed to “the Rainbow” – Ottawa’s legendary “Home of the Blues” where people like KD Lang and BB King have performed, which ended up as a jam around the bar with the other musicians in the room…fun! (Only my PA made it to the stage – I didn’t!). But the highlight of the whole trip was getting to play the “Voyageur” guitar- the Six String Nation Guitar – which debuted on Canada Day 2006. Conceived by Jowi Taylor (not a guitar player himself – just an extremely determined guy), it was built with 64 historic pieces from all around Canada…including Rocket Richard’s Stanley Cup Ring, Trudeau’s paddle, part of the Bluenose II, and ivory from a real Canadian mammoth. Holding the beautiful guitar made me so nervous I could hardly sing – but I did play it. Absolutely breathtaking – pictures coming soon!

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