Album Release Show Delay

In Jan 2020, I recorded an album in Nashville, paradoxically because I wanted to work with a specific Canadian Producer, Steve Dawson, who resides there! The album included ONE cover tune.  Notably, the fellow who wrote the song, Newfoundland’s legendary Ron Hynes, was someone I’d met a few years ago at an ECMA week, and when I told him I loved the tune, “Where Does Love Go Wrong?” he said I should record it.  So I thought there would be no issue doing so;  and once I recorded I would pay him the proper royalties and be good to go.

Well, when Ron passed away, apparently he did not leave any clear direction on how the publishing should be handled for worldwide digital distribution of this song. And since his family is still settling his estate, I am stuck in limbo on that song.  

In addition, when COVID hit in March, I decided to write a song about it, and now have decided to put replace the Ron Hynes tune with the COVID song. After all, what would a 2020 album be without a song about COVID-19?  In true home-isolation form, I recorded the vocals and a rough guitar track in my living room, and sent them to the same studio who did the rest of the album.

Dawson’s team of musical prodigies came back with a beautiful backing track, but the timing was a little off with the vocal I’d provided.  So I re-recorded the vocals (leads and backgrounds) along to the new track they provided, and sent it down again.  Funny enough, Steve Dawson decided to move his studio in the meantime, so now I am waiting for the finished tracks!

It takes about 2 – 3 weeks to release a song online after it’s mastered.  So we’re likely looking at a November release.  I have already released 3 singles from the new album though, if you want to check out whatever digital platforms you most often use!  They are:  Affliction, Futility and Chloe.  Stay tuned – I will soon announce a date/location for the album release; I had hope to do it outside, so we’ll see if we still have the weather to make it possible! 

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