Almost a Friday routine

As you’ll see on my calendar, I’m doing a lot of gigs on Fridays!  The routine is this — I pick up my father in law, Ernie, and we head over to one of two Alzheimers’ Day program facilities and I get up and put on a show for the residents from 2pm til 3pm– fun!  He enjoys watching (he’s retired).  I started out doing lots of oldies, but I’ve discovered more recently they also really like all-out rocking original tunes too.   If it’s got an “up” beat, it’s game!   Then Ernie and I head down to the Delta and I do a 3 hour show there, on piano/vocals for the business/lounge crowd.    It’s a great routine.   Almost every Friday — but check the SHOWS calendar to confirm.  Sometimes the schedule moves a bit!

I’m looking for the right venue where our whole band can play regularly, preferably a Saturday.  We have been doing lots of private functions, but too many of the bars are all about the VLTs and loud drinking crowd.  Once in awhile though, you find a club/cafe owner who really is about “community” and like live music —  that’s who we’d like to support.  As some of you know, we can help them with the marketing along the way too (check out the website for Tenato HERE) to make it worthwhile.   Let me know if you spot any good venues with really nice owners…..  I like to support good people.  Calgary or surrounding are game!

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  1. If you’re looking for a community spot to play check out Radio Cafe in Carstairs. A great community spot with wonderful owners.
    Jason Valleau would be the one to contact at 403 869 7659. Aaron Young and Johanna Sillanpaa are playing here on Friday night and Jason gets a good variety of acts in. Also, we are a VLT free zone. Come on down!

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