Another Radio Station, and a New Review

Rossland Radio in BC just added my new CD to their playlist – they liked “Cowgirl That I Am,”  “Achin’ Burnin’ Dream” and “Rusty Rider.”   They also wrote me a really great review – read on:

January 24, 2011 – 9:31pm — John Kereiff’s blog
“Red Hot Candy Heart” Jacquie Drew (Last Tango) ***
Drew presents her second album, the follow up to 2008’s “Rolling Wind”. A collection of western tunes that range from rockabilly to country swing, an album with heart.
Given her background, I wouldn’t have expected this. Trained as a classical pianist from early on and a member of Calgary’s Philharmonic chorus, it might seem she’s aiming low- but there’s a comfortable charm to these country numbers. She sounds a bit like Helen Reddy and lyrically the songs (all penned by Jacquie) are fun and personal slices of life that ring true. She’s been called a female Ian Tyson and while it’s too early in her journey to make such a lofty comparison, I can see where it comes from. As long as she stays down to earth and true to herself as she has here, Jacquie Drew’s musical career will be as long and successful as she wants it to be.
Hot Spots: “Cowgirl That I Am”, “Rusty Rider”, “Achin’ Burnin’ Dream”

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