Calgary Song Complete

Howdy all!  I’ve completed writing my new song about Calgary — pending very minor revisions to lyrics — which I usually tweak as I’m singing.  I am deciding when to debut it, and the band hasn’t had a chance to really learn it yet, but we’re starting to work on it!  It’s very energetic, and has lots of references recommended by you, the people of Calgary.  In fact, it’s so energetic, I am finding that, like this fair city, it gets your heart rate going, and keeps making me want to speed up — ha ha — and I have to try to keep it under control as I’m playing it or I literally can’t get the lyrics out clearly!

I will be relying on my drummer to keep me on the mark and settle the tempo.  The last song I wrote that had that quality was Savannah’s Song, which was about an energetic horse, and yes, that song sometimes runs away on me too.   So, why shouldn’t Calgary’s song feel a bit like a runaway horse —  Same- same, correct?  If you live here, you know what I’m talking about!


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