Nashville & CCMA Recap

Had a ball this summer in Nashville and last week in Calgary for the CCMA’s.    Nashville –  3 super cool things happened! 1) songwriting seminar in Nashville spurred me to find a good partner with whom I’ve been co-writing weekly – she’s based in Germany, but who would’ve thought that Facetime works so well … Continued

New Music, New Frontiers

This past year’s performance hiatus (with the exception of just a few must-do shows at special request of close friends) gave me a much-needed opportunity to focus on evolving my music and upping my skills.  I went to Nashville in the spring, and took a performance skills workshop for solo singer-songwriters;  it gave me tons … Continued

Nashville & Original Music

I’m heading off soon for a songwriter’s performance workshop in Nashville with Tom Jackson Productions; this is the same team that worked with me and my band to prep my Boss is a Woman CD 2015 Release. This workshop will focus on how to make the solo singer/songwriter type show really interesting, which is my … Continued

Songwriting Focus

Hey everybody!  Thanks for visiting. As per my last post, I am enjoying having a break from performing to find some new musical head space…which I will be using to create a repertoire of new songs, and build a whole new kind of show. As a part of this, I’m also listening to a lot … Continued

Change in Direction!

Hello folks!  I’ve done some thinking these past few weeks, and decided that it’s time for me to re-focus my musical direction on original music performances (solo shows) and songwriting.  So, I’m going to stop performing events that require performances of primarily cover tunes, such as Stampede shows and Corporate gigs, and focus on my … Continued

Practicing up for Live Stampede Shows

In case you were wondering why I haven’t posted in a little while…I’ve been practicing my rear end off!   This year, we’re doing most of our Stampede shows 4 piece, and have added new tunes as well.  So, with keyboard, drums and a bass player, that leaves all the guitar work up to yours … Continued

2017 Ramps Up

Good news.  Alberta survived 2016, and we’re now in an uptick for 2017.  So it’s about time our city revived a few parties and showed some of that hardy spirit a la “Sunshine City.” As for us, the band is on a songwriting vector… my thought that is that if I am ever going to write … Continued

Good News & Band News

Having fun these past couple weeks.  Here are a bunch of updates! 1.  CD:  Progressing very nicely.  I was working in the studio these past couple weeks – and I’ve got the best vocal tracks down (within my own capabilities!) that I can create now.  Next step – adding some fiddle, lead guitar and a … Continued

Terri Clark, This is for YOU!

Hello Ms. Clark! My apologies for naggin’ you – BUT I’m new to song pitching and between Twitter and this, it’s all I could do to figure out how to reach you! I’m a Calgary-based songwriter, and a couple years ago I wrote a song called “Cowgirl that I Am” that I’ve always thought would … Continued

Calgary Song Complete

Howdy all!  I’ve completed writing my new song about Calgary — pending very minor revisions to lyrics — which I usually tweak as I’m singing.  I am deciding when to debut it, and the band hasn’t had a chance to really learn it yet, but we’re starting to work on it!  It’s very energetic, and … Continued

Song for Calgary

I am working really hard on my song for Calgary — and I’ve gotta give kudos to mayor Naheed Nenshi for re-tweeting my endeavour to help me get more tweets of suggestions, thoughts etc. of what should go in the song from all kinds of Calgarians.  Here are some of the suggestions: Chinook Arches, white … Continued

More New Songs

Wohoo!  Just finished up today’s rehearsal with the guys — they loved the new tunes, of which there are now 7 since the beginning of the year.   Here’s the low-down: The Boss is a Woman — a driving country-rock -blues Be Surprised — a rootsy ballad about life changes Galaxy Girl —  a cosmic retro … Continued

New Songs

Having fun writing new tunes — Three since the beginning of the year…yahoo!   A standout one that we’re having fun with is called “The Boss is a Woman” and really kicks butt! Having new material gives the band lots of creative energy in rehearsals.  Also we’re really excited to have added a piano player and … Continued