CD Release to Radio

What a huge week!  Lots is happening with the Crew:

  1. Hot New Guitar Player – Morgan Turk is on board as our first-string lead guitarist.  He’s tall, powerful, energetic and blows the doors off with his playing!   And he sings.  So this makes us 5/5 in the singing department because all 5 core musicians in the band can sing lead and harmonies – yahoo!
  2. Release to Independent Radio – We’ll be working with a Toronto promoter to get the CD out to independent radio, just like we did with our previous CD. This covers stations like CKUA, CBC, CJSW etc across Canada.  With our previous CD we reached #4 nationally so we expect we should do well with this album too. We think it’s a lot better, but you don’t know what other artists are releasing, and timing is important too.
  3. Release to Commercial Country Radio – This time we’re going to fly a single  (“The Boss is a Woman”) up the commercial country radio flagpole and see how it does! This is a very exciting step for us, and we’ll see what markets we can crack into.  Yes, Country 105 in Calgary would be the Holy Grail (although they usually play more Nashville-sounding country…but after Corb Lund you never know) however, there are lots of country stations in other markets all over Canada so we’re betting we can get some traction regardless…especially from the women program directors – ha ha.  We might also need a video though, which we have yet to find budget for….we’ll see how the CD Tickets sales land…
  4. CD Release Show – the CD Release show is already selling really well.  Most people are buying the premium seats that include the CD and Afterparty – yahoo!  So we’re hoping we can recover our costs and maybe have enough to do a proper video.  All fun stuff.

By the way, TODAY (Dec 31 until 11:30pm) IS THE LAST DAY for early bird ticket prices online.  So if you want tickets, get them ASAP!  The premium seats are really going fast!  CLICK HERE to purchase.


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