Change in Direction!

Hello folks!  I’ve done some thinking these past few weeks, and decided that it’s time for me to re-focus my musical direction on original music performances (solo shows) and songwriting.  So, I’m going to stop performing events that require performances of primarily cover tunes, such as Stampede shows and Corporate gigs, and focus on my own music and see where that takes me!   This is very exciting for me, and I think it will get me writing more steadily too, instead of always learning and rehearsing new cover tunes.  Also, it means I’ll no longer be booking full-band gigs, unless down the road, opportunities come up to do all-original shows this way.  So for now, I have dis-banded my band (amicably!) and booking manager as well. I might put something new together down the road, but for now I just need time solo to develop my music.   Merry Christmas, and here’s to a New Year of new music!

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