Christmas show

Thoroughly enjoyed the show at Ironwood last night!!  It was a small crowd (as expected for a Monday night in December) but I tried a few new things and had a great time!   The looper worked great in the one song, but I glitched it in the next one (my fault) – it really takes practice to get smooth while juggling the lyrics and everything else.  I think it would have been much easier if I’d just used it on my own tunes, as I do know them better than the Christmas material I was doing last night.  But I did get to do the Grinch on accordion – which was most satisfying I MUST SAY (Ed Grimly in there) and my Dad, Ernie, who was there, just had the time of his life, singing along and teary eyed the whole time.   Big bonus, my daughter Liz phoned in on FaceTime and managed to watch the entire second half of the show with her buddies, who loved it!  Ahhh!   Indeed, Christmas is for sharing, and it feels so good to do it!  Thanks JT and Pat at Ironwood for hosting me!

ONLY ONE WEEK TIL ‘CHRISTMAS!!!  Merry Christmas to all, and we’ll see you again soon!  I’ll see if we got a video we can post here soon….

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