“Community Stompede” Kicks Butt on Corona-blues!

Well, WHAT AN AMAZING DAY! Gary and I are fully, completely and utterly thrilled at how Lake Bonavista’s FIRST Community Stompede went today!
THANK YOU to our wonderful team of “Stompede Pioneers” who had the courage to jump into a brand new way of staging entertainment: Brent Kawchuk & Carolynn Tooth’s crews of Led Zeppers who blew everyone’s minds, Diane Skene & her hubby Stu Wilson who did the amazing car show (who’d have thought one fella would have 6 amazing classic cars???), Carol Sadler for the wonderful martial arts demo (now I will always think of her as the tax accountant who can literally kick CRA butt), Hannah Smart for the beautiful vocal performance – the comments were amazing!!, Lindsay Ross, Fiora Wilkinson and Karen Sloan-Bietzel for the incredibly creative silly walk zones (man, they win the house decorating prize hands down today), Pam Sando and crew for the unforgettable 80’s disco dance display (and showing up at my last show in costume- hilarious!!), our new neighbour Laura Wilks for the huge variety of art displays, and Taunya Madge and her 18 year old son Matt for the wonderful live music! Thanks also to the supporting members of the community who made the effort to come out and support all of out talented entertainers, artists and schemers!! And, YES! There will be another one this coming Sunday, which is MOTHER’s Day! So get your creative neurons charging, because here’s what we’re thinking….
  1. YES, YOU CAN RETURN! We want MORE PARTICIPANTS, young and old, of all kinds! Everyone that performed today is WELCOME to return – in any way you want (although I have a suggestion if it’s a musically themed thing, read on) You can keep your show as-is, or make a wild new spin on it! Just message or email me (jd@jacquiedrew.com) as to what you’d like to do, and your address, and the duration or time-slot you’d like to fill. (somewhere in the 2 – 5 span, or all of it if you can!) ANYTHING is welcome as long as it’s safe and at a safe distance. Remember, your neighbours have had almost NOTHING ENTERTAINING to do for weeks – so your display or demonstration of ANYTHING could be just the thing to give them a lift!! Look again at all the zany ideas I wrote about in my previous post here for the “CREATIVELY CHALLENGED.”
  2. MUSIC FIELDS: We’re going to try to move musical performers to play at or adjacent to a green space of some kind – this allows the observers to keep safe social distances. Who has generators??? If you have one, can you lend it to us to help move musicians into field areas?
  3. And KIDS: It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, so we would love to see kids putting on shows of their talents to make all those mothers out there MELT with pride! We surely MUST have little ballerinas, singers, tap dancers, tiny violinists, budding comedians, hip-hoppers, or trampoline acrobats…. you don’t have to do a full 3 hours…just tell us what time slot you’d like to fill and we will schedule you in.
  4. BIRTHDAYS: Thanks also to everyone who helped Jamie Lynn’s daughter Molly’s 6th birthday so special, and to Jamie Lynn for letting us share in the fun! Does anyone else have A SPECIAL BIRTHDAY coming up? Let us know and we’ll help you make it extra special!
Also, thank you to everyone who came out to hear me play!!! I couldn’t believe how much support everyone showed, and it truly did my soul so much good to see the smiles on everyone’s faces!! I am going to return this Sunday with some new locations to reach more folks….and it’s my 50th birthday too this week, so I couldn’t have gotten a better gift than to feel so well supported by this wonderful neighbourhood!

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