“Community Stompede” Entertainment Series

May 3, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Outdoor Locations in Calgary Area

I have been working to launch a “Community Stompede” weekly walking-tour entertainment series (super local – front-lawn based) on SUNDAY AFTERNOONS and will be performing in unexpected, outdoor locations – Follow me @communitystompede on IG, FB and Twitter for details of each event being posted weekly.  

Here are the events for today!

1.Classic Car Show by Skenes: North end of Lake Fraser Way
2.80’s Dance Party by Sandos: West of Safeway
3.Led Zeppelin Tribute Part 1: 2 -3 pm, North End Lk. Twintree Drive
4. Molly’s 6th Birthday: North End of Lake Twintree Dr. Do 6 things for Molly (jumping jacks, twirls, bicycle bell rings, honks!) as you go by!
5. Live Music by Matt: Lake Ontario Place
6. Silly Walk Zone by Wilkinsons: Lake Ontario Drive. Get your groove on!
7. Live Music by Jacquie Drew: Andrew Sibbald Field 4 – 5 pm
8. Silly Walk Zone by Ross’s: West of Andrew Sibbald Field, south side. Get your groove on!
9. Live Music by Hannah, Lake Lucerne near Acadia
10.Led Zeppelin Tribute Part 2: Lake Placid Road 3:30pm – 5:00pm
11.Martial Arts & Weapons Demo by Sadlers: Bottom of Lake Simcoe Cres
12.Live Music by Jacquie Drew : Lake Placid field: 3 – 3:45
13.Live Music by Jacquie Drew : Nickle Field 2:00 – 2:45

Plus other activities at surprise locations near you! Get your walking shoes on! Please stay at least 6 feet from all other walkers and performers. Have a great time!


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