Fall Update

Hello friends!

Lots has been happening in my world lately…and I thought it would be a good time to post an update!

The recession and related changing circumstances has led to a couple of changes in the band…and to me, that just means we are going to KEEP GETTING BETTER!

Our new guitarist, Adam Morse needed to make an on-call commitment to his employer, and has therefore had to leave the band.    However, we still have ready access to the amazing Morgan Turk, who joined us for our January CD Release show.  Although I was already taking lessons from Morgan, having Adam leave the band has renewed my resolve to get decent at lead guitar, and I’m making great headway!  I’ve decided that I am going keep screwing it up until I start to sound good at it, come hell or HIGH WATER! (My apologies in advance for what you may hear from me on stage – ha ha!)

Shifting gig circumstances (also economically related) also led to a changing of the guard in the drumming department. Johnny Gozde will be taking over the skins from Scott Muirhead, who has been with the band for the last couple of years.  We would like to thank Scott for his commitment, friendship, talent and wonderful contribution that has shaped our sound and music.  Scott, keep up the terrific singing!

We also want to welcome Johnny – and we are very excited to be bringing him on board!   Johnny’s a terrific musician, singer, and already a close friend of the band.  We’ve had an opportunity to work with him many times over the years, and we’re so happy he’s able to get on board with our rehearsal schedule and gigs.

The economic slowdown also seemed to affect the entertainment sector — for example, all the entertainment at the Delta Bow Valley (where I performed 2/month for the past 5 years, along with a roster of other performers) was cancelled, and so I’m looking around for a good replacement for that.  But, I continue to do my volunteering on Friday afternoons because it’s so rewarding to perform for the folks at the Alzheimer’s Club of Calgary!!

That said, we’ve booked New Year’s Eve and a bunch of new 2016 shows at the Powderhorn…although budgets are tight and good gigs are hard to find at this time in Alberta.

One bright spot — I had a great chat with the owner of the Ironwood, and we’re doing our first show there in a dog’s age (hmm 5 years anyway!) on January 2.   The band is quite excited about it, and it’s going to be pretty cool to be back there after so long.    The Ironwood is paid on ticket sales, so round up your friends and come on down to support the band!   Tickets are $15 each, and you can book them at reservations (at) ironwoodstage (dot) ca.

Meanwhile, I’ve been really busy with guitar lessons, reworking the website, and booking new shows.  REMEMBER, there’s no cover for the Powderhorn shows, so if you want to get out and dance at New Year’s Eve without breaking the bank, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!   To quote Taylor Swift’s brilliant hook…when it comes to this recession, sh-sh – sh SHAKE IT OFF!!!


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