Flood Cancellations

Yikes – what a surreal week.   I’ve lived in Calgary since 1980, and never, never seen the likes of this!!  What amazes me is that this little prairie town of Calgary always seemed to be so dry, with nothing but a river — versus other parts of Canada.  I never imagined that this river could get so big and powerful when it wanted to!!   Such a complete shock!

As you might expect, we’ve gotten a few flood cancellations this week.   The Lake Bonavista Stampede Breakfast was cancelled Saturday morning, June 22 —  (and if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll be the first to know).  There will be no Delta show on Wednesday either.   There have also been cancellations of a few private functions.  The good news is, FIRST FLIP looks so far to be a go — and it’s going to be a big party and a big breakfast for everyone — right in the heart of downtown.   So come on down — we look forward to seeing you….and FYI I AM DEBUTING MY NEW SONG — SUNSHINE CITY (oooh the irony) AT FIRST FLIP!! YAHOO!!!

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