Front-line Support Shows at Hospitals

After reading about how exhausted and frustrated front-line workers are in hospitals (especially with the recent protests at hospitals), I decided to move my shows to where these folks could enjoy them on their breaks – right outside the hospitals on nearby green spaces.  I’ll be doing these shows daily leading up to my CD Release on Sep 25 in Lake Bonavista, and perhaps doing more 1 -2 times/week after that.   

It’s a little unpredictable playing outside a hospital; when I played at Rockyview last night, I set up along the bike path facing the Reservoir.  It was a beautiful night, but not that many staff were out on breaks – I suppose there isn’t much time for coffee breaks now,  but a few did come by and seemed very happy to hear the music.  There were quite a few appreciative patients as well. We also got quite a few people who stopped after hearing us from the nearby bike path.  Since I was not sure whether I’d really reached the intended audience (front line workers), I was very touched to get this note last night:

“Oh Jacquie, I cannot thank you enough for the mini concert I just listened to! You were playing outside the RGH as I was heading home after a long shift. Your voice is beautiful. And your gift of music as a counter measure to the anti-vaccination protests, was so very needed. It brought tears of gratitude to my eyes!  
I cannot thank you enough. That was exactly what I needed for a morale boost, as I have been pretty discouraged with everything that is currently going on in nursing in Alberta.
May you be abundantly blessed, forever!”  

It brought tears to my eyes too – and so I decided –  that’s it – I’m heading to hospitals as much as I can over the coming weeks, folks.  If you’re a musician, consider doing the same.  Just set up outside where you can socially distance, and be careful not to play too loud, as there are people inside who are trying to rest/heal!  🙂

Maybe we can use music to brighten the people who are holding our world together right now….



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