Girl strums, Mom yodels

Okay, what to title a blog that covers progressive happenings of both myself and my wee one?

First, it turns out the kid has a good sense of rhythm, and can really get that baby Taylor pounding loud!  She decided she didn’t want to work on her own song at this point, and so I taught her the first few chords of a pop song she really likes.  Now she can’t put the guitar down!

Meanwhile, I had my second vocal lesson with Brian Farrell today.  Brian experimented with my range a little more, and had me play him some of my songs.  He asked very unusual questions:  wanting to know the context that I’d be performing the songs in, and what the intended audience was.  He asked about the meanings of the lyrics, and encouraged me not to structure my vocal rhythm exactly to the guitar rhythm I was using. The essence of it was to get me to sing the meaning out of the words, and make it very personal.   Further, he suggested many minor tweaks to help me sound more confident.  I think I can tell where this is going — which is exactly where I need to go – more time, more conviction, and more authority on stage.  In other words, don’t just sing through stuff in a hurry…milk it for all its worth.   He’s definitely on the money…. I would agree 100% I can use a little more ego (though not DIVA sized) and to relax and take my time more.   Looking forward to where this is going!

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