Healing shoulder, and Back to Learning Violin

Whew, I am soo GRATEFUL for some excellent physio and “lymph balancing” (go see Fiona at Lymph Balance in Avenida if you have a pain issue!) healing from fantastic local practitioners. 

I’d been having issues with a frozen shoulder since November, not related to violin.  It didn’t stop my guitar or piano playing, but definitely ground the violin learning to a halt.

It was supposed to take a year to heal, but is now about 80% functional, after being stalled for 2 months.  This healing happened within a couple of days, which is a miracle, so I am back learning the violin again, and ramping up the shows, carefully!  I do find violin fairly tiring on the shoulder, so I’m keeping the practice sessions short.  So it won’t likely be an instrument I add to my shows this year. But I so enjoy the sound of it, and hope that I’ll be able to add it into next year’s sets, if it sounds respectable!

I’m also planning on getting some good video to add to my websites/socials;  i’ve got a video shoot + show planned for March 12.  If you’d like to attend, shoot me an email.

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