How long it takes to write a song

As per my last post where my performance and vocal coach, Brian Farrell, suggested I  wrote the first song under the half-hour deadline, I did the friggin’ best I could!  Conceptually a good start, got the basic melody, the feel and the story….but I’m telling you, perfecting lyrics takes longer – unless you’re doing one of those simple na-na-na type tunes.   Anyway, he gave me some good feedback on it.   Actually what I find interesting is the questions he asks.  It makes me realize that an outside person may not be able to fill in all the blanks, and to make sure I’m linking up the story.  The most interesting thing was that it was liberating to know I could get the song basically there in a half an hour (even a fairly tricky story line as this one was) because I haven’t been doing enough writing lately.  It always seems to me that I was mentally assuming I need 3 – 4 hours to myself before getting started writing at all – and that of course, rarely happens, and when it does I’ve been too tired to start lately.  So, there you go.  Now I know you can basically write a song in a half an hour….and you know maybe give it another hour of tweaking to perfect it!

Next week, Brian has asked me to bring in a list of all the cover tunes I do.  They’re on this website, but I’ve added a few new ones, and I’m thinking about what else I could add.   I have generally stayed in the classic country realm, but I also find I like good story-telling songs that might not fit into that box…like Piano Man and American Pie…these are also fun for house parties.   And then, I like a few funny little tunes that I’ve picked up because of specific people I’ve known or occurrences in my life – like Delta Dawn, Gordie Sampson’s “Paris” or Feels Like Home…  how do I try to knit these together…anyway!  Oddly, I have stayed away from new, Nashville country – it this a good thing or a bad thing?  Would love to hear your thoughts!  Will keep you posted!

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