Moto-spill…. and getting back into music

On July 23/22, I took a quite a spill on my motorcycle while travelling on a beautiful gravel road between Longview and Coleman. The bike hit a large rock, fishtailed, flipped, and landed on me, fracturing 7 ribs, partially separating my left shoulder and giving me a mild (thanks to a good helmet) concussion with a nice black eye!  I was out cold, and don’t remember it at all – it was definitely a scarier moment for Gary, who’d been riding his bike just ahead of me.  Thank goodness for good motorcycle gear.

Gary – thanks to his international SOS device he never leaves home without, because we were way out of cell service – was able to get the help of STARS and numerous other emergency services to airlift me off the road and back to Foothills Hospital for a few days.  It was painful and I was dozy on painkillers, but I have mostly slept the worst of it.

I’ve since been ramping my activity back up slowly and steadily.  My son helped me at the hospital, and my daughter Liz also came to town for a couple weeks.  (I’m home and back at work now too. ) Liz is learning guitar and singing a lot, so the visit was also a wonderful chance to play with her.  Funny enough, I always knew she had talent and nudged her for years to learn an instrument and start playing….and now at 22, she’s finally taken it up!  She even did her first open mic in Canmore and I assisted (harmonies and a little lead guitar).

I’m feeling good, relaxing enough to recover and excited to be getting back into music. My husband Gary has been a huge help, and is making sure I don’t do too much too soon!  I’ve now begun booking shows in September again. Excited to be singing for you all again in a few weeks….yahoo!

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