Music Where it Matters

Since my little motorcycle spill, I’ve been focusing on playing music where it’ll make a difference.  

So, rather than playing at corporate functions (i.e. as “wallpaper” or background) or in a noisy bar where people are mostly just socializing/drinking, I’m playing in my community, and where people can truly appreciate live music: hospitals, drop-in centres, charities, correctional centres (prisons) and at select listening venues for live music.  

I’ve also been honing my violin skills, and getting some good progress – it’s still slow, but I can hear it improve, bit by bit.

Lots of shows coming for Christmas.  If you want to join our Christmas jam on Dec 16 in Lake Bonavista, let me know – email  Hoping my daughter Liz will be in town and will sing with us too. Yahoo!


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