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I just wanted to share this article written about me in the live music and arts section –  of the Calgary Guardian.

They asked me a whole bunch of questions from bio to influences, and I had a lot of fun answering them.


If ever you imagined a musical artist who could cover your favourite love song like she wrote it herself, stage a spontaneous outdoor jam to bring your whole neighbourhood together, and then rock out a bunch of convicted murderers in your local correctional centre, imagination would meet reality in Calgary’s own Jacquie Drew. 

With a style described as a hybrid of Johnny Cash, Sheryl Crow, and Sandra Bullock, Jacquie has been performing professionally for over two decades, giving her an aura of authentic musicianship and laid-back self-mockery.  A multi-instrumentalist, she backed up many local bands on vocals, banjo, keyboard, and even accordion before fronting her own act.  Releasing four albums of original music, her albums have reached Canada’s National Folk-Roots-Blues top-ten chart twice, including her most recent, “Lifelong Truth”, in 2021.

Recordings aside, it’s live performances where Jacquie stands out.  Now a female gunslinger who performs solo, self accompanied on guitar, harmonica, piano, and even her live-loop station (so she can layer her own backup harmonies, and lead guitars),  Jacquie has done her fair share of bars, corporate events and popular music venues. 

But she also loves to perform where her music can make a difference – which is why you’ll often find her at care homes, outreach centres, hospital green spaces, rural dance halls and Legions.  She takes requests, gets audiences moving, and always searches for just the song to make everyone feel understood. 

This year, she’s hitting the road to perform in Whitehorse and Dawson City.

So while the big-time artists are out there chasing fame and fortune, remember that there are incomparable local talents out there too – like Jacquie Drew, who are making the world a little happier, one song at a time.

• Name:  Jacquie Drew

• Genre: Folk-Roots-Swing

• Founded:  2008

• # of Albums: 4

• Latest Album: Lifelong Truth

• Latest Single: Soldier’s Heart (2022)

• Latest Video:

• Favourite musician growing up:  Olivia Newton-John

• Favourite musician now: Blue Rodeo

• Guilty pleasure song: Lover by Taylor Swift

• Live show ritual: After the show, I take my acoustic guitar our to the crowd, and play requests at their tables.

• Favourite local musician: Tom Phillips (I used to play in his band, and really respect him)

• EP or LP? It’s been LPs up to now.  Might do a live EP in future – maybe live using my looper.

• Early bird or night owl?  Night owl. I practice every night – piano, guitar, looping, and I’m learning violin.

• Road or studio?   Road…it’s all about the live show for me. Love seeing how music affects people; it’s beautiful

• Any shows or albums coming up? (What do you currently want to promote?)  I’m opening for an exciting new venue called Heliopolis in June, based in downtown Calgary in the historic Grain Exchange Building.  It’s going to be an up-close, unplugged show, like a fireside performance venue. You guys will have to come down to check it out.

• Where can we follow you? Best place is, but in IF and FB @jacquiedrewmusic

 Rapid Fire Local Questions 

• What is your favourite local restaurant?  BrouHaHa. I’m a breakfast person.

• What is your favourite street in your city and why?  9th Ave in Inglewood – so many cool local shops, and Tenato, where I work. I can often hear live music from the Ironwood downstairs.

• What is your favourite park in your city and why? Fish Creek, by far!  I will sit for hours watching and listening for birds.

• What is your favourite music venue in your city?  Jack Singer Concert Hall.

• What is your favourite music store in your city? Long & McQuade – from rentals to purchase, they’ve got it all.

Thank you for supporting local music, Calgary Guardian!

If you’re looking for local live music to support your event, drop me a line.

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