New Music Mix

It’s been a wonderful summer so far – did some travelling to Europe after a hectic Stampede, and the band is now getting ready for the fall swing. We’ve been working a bunch of new songs into the mix, especially taking advantage of the vocal talents of our new drummer, Johnny Gozde. There are lots of fresh, new rootsy tunes, and the guys are all singing really well. Check out our updated MUSIC LIST to see what the mix looks like now.  Richard and I are also really getting great as a duo – his singing and stage presence are awesome, and we’ve got a terrific vocal blend.  And the whole band is now a very tight 4-piece, with 4 great singers, all who can do terrific harmonies.   Hope you’ll come see us soon – our next shows are this weekend (sept 2 and 5)- Friday at the Downtown Calgary stage on Stephen Avenue (noon to one) and Monday is  the big annual public BBQ (FREE -yes FREE hamburgers/lunch) at Olympic Plaza for Labour Day on Sept 5.  See you there!

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