Outdoor Shows and Holiday Carolling

Well, Gary has done it again.  Not only did the generator he got me in the spring start my performing all sorts of pop-up shows in unusual places (let alone leading to the entire Community Stompede!), he has now gotten me portable heaters, so I can play outside, even in the winter!  I will soon be casing out skating rinks and public spaces, setting up, and singing….just for the pure fun of it.  I’ve set aside my Saturday evenings for this purpose, but will be announcing locations last minute (since gatherings are not allowed, I’m planning just to play mainly for the people in the areas already, but if you want find where I’ll be, just follow me on my social media channels).

Meanwhile, I’ve also helped to organize Christmas carolling in Lake Bonavista, where I live.  I have a small choir of carollers, and we are visiting various homes around the community, coordinated with a Parade of Lights of all the coolest Christmas light displays, and other homes where people can simply request the carolling group to come and sing for them -this is a great way to lift the feeling of isolation. We had our first carolling show tonight, and I absolutely loved it!  I’m singing Thursday nights, 6:30 – 8:00, and we go to three different locations in an evening.  

Live music is needed more now than ever during COVID.  Why let a little snow stop the fun?  :).   

Christmas Carolling



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