Prepping for Victoria

Just got back from Victoria, where I’m prepping with a west-coast band to back me up for the show at the Butchart Gardens!! What brings me out there?? When I was a kid, my parents had an encyclopedia set – and I used to stare at a photo of the Butchart Gardens in it – to me it looked just like a piece of heaven! So, hubby surprised me with a trip there on our 10th anniversary (that’s my Sugar Daddy)…I saw they had a stage…and discovered they had a summer music program…and figured destiny was calling me I guess! Just standing on the stage yesterday got me choked up…wow…

2 responses to “Prepping for Victoria

  1. You were Awesome!

    You need to release the “thank You for Staying” song.

    It made for a wonderful moment on our anniversary (while we watched at the Butchart amphitheater).

    Thank you for a wonderful memory.

    Wayne and Darcy Gerhart

    1. Thank you for your kind words Wayne – it so nice to hear you enjoyed the show, given it was your anniversary! Congratulations to you and Darcy – and may you have many more to come! (P.S. I will indeed release the Thank You for Staying song on my next album…planning on 2012!) 🙂

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