Rawlco Radio and Ron Hynes

Had a good little April Fool’s gag this morning.  Filled some Oreo cookies with toothpaste…hee hee…’WHAT’S WRONG WITH THESE OREOS??!”

I’ve been asked to come back to Rawlco Radio’s studio and record a couple of tunes for their roots program.   In case you didn’t know, they own Up 97.7.  They’ve asked for an original song, and a shortened version of a classic roots tune…I’m going to try “You’ve Got a Friend” by Carole King.  That was my wedding song, actually!  I usualy play it on piano, but I’m working out a pretty guitar version of it, and it gives the song quite a different character.

In my last coaching session with Brian Farrell, he seemed really happy with the version of Ode to Billie Joe I’d worked up.  Also loved two other songs I’ve recently added to my repertoire – that I’m considering recording.  Billy Joel’s “She’s Always a Woman” and Ron Hynes’ “Where Does Love Go Wrong?”  They are simply killer songs.  Ron Hynes and I met at ECMA’s a couple years ago, when I did a showcase.  His daughter Lori and I played together as kids (I lived in Newfoundland for a few years) and it made for an easy introduction.  Ron and I jammed all night, and he played my guitar and we harmonized. When he gave me his most recent CD (trading CDs is common at these events!) at the time, that song was on it, and I’ve been hooked on it since.   Last year, I asked him if anyone else had recorded it yet.  He said, “No, you do it!”  You may know Ron as the “Man of a Thousand Songs” as they call him in Newfoundland, because he was the first Newfie to record an album of entirely original songs.  His best known is “Sonny’s Dream” – which is like an anthem in Newfoundland.  “Sonny don’t go away, I am here all alone…and your daddy’s a sailor who never comes home…”  Ring a bell?  YouTube it!

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