#SaveOurStampede, musicians of Calgary!

I’ve been playing music semi-professionally in this city for a lonnng time….in bars, clubs and venues everywhere.  Stampede was always the highlight of my year, and I know for a fact that thousands of musicians depend on Stampede for the bulk of their annual earnings.  It was the one time of year when we could all get paid what we should have been able to make year-round, right?

So, this year the Calgary Stampede has been cancelled.  But musicians, now is the time your city needs you more than ever.  I’ve outlined here on this web page how you can start offering your own “Pandemic Pop-up” shows!  You can even borrow my pricing and structure if you like.  Or, maybe you can charge more if you like!

My point is, you don’t need the stage, or the lights, or the tickets sold…you don’t even need a band.  You can play from your porch, someone else’s, or pop up in a parking lot somewhere near a busy grocery store.  You can even tell the neighbours when you play to make it happen, so they can make their pancakes and picnic on their lawns and make their families and their kids enjoy the celebration that is consummately Calgary….even in a small way.    We can bring the music, musicians!!  We all know that’s the most important element in making a celebration happen….if you want any help or advice on it, just call me.  I’m also a marketing consultant, if you didn’t know that.  Or I can let you join me in a show (if you bring your own mic and stay 6 feet away).  Or, I can lend you gear if you really need it… I have a truck load of stuff, like a lot of musicians do…PA, lights, of all sizes, and I even have a pop-up tent of my own!  We can #SaveOurStampede! Please share and get in touch if you like… call or text (403) 804-4676 or jd@jacquiedrew.com.  If you want to do it, and if I get too many calls for pop-ups, I can throw shows your way if I know you’re willing.  

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