Spreading Community Spirit

Howdy all!

After producing and performing in weekly Community Stompede events in Lake Bonavista for 3 months, Gary and I are now taking the show to other communities.  For those of you who haven’t heard about it yet, Community Stompede is an initiative to get a community’s talents out of living rooms and basements and performing on lawns and greenspaces… building friendships and community spirit along the way.  Everyone volunteers – and it’s all free – just to put smiles on faces of neighbours!   For updates, follow us at our Community Stompede website, and Facebook Page.

I will continue to host weekly jams in Bonavista as often as I can (usually Wednesday nights), as well as run the Mobile Entertainment Team which goes to perform on front lawns of residents who cannot get out during COVID-19 to enjoy live entertainment. If you’re a musician and want to jam, note that I post jam information on my music Facebook page – and YES, any one from any community is welcome, regardless of age or ability!

And last but not least…I will be releasing my latest full-length album in September 2020, which currently has all but one song completed, as I wrote the last song about the pandemic, and had to record it from my home.  Then, I will have an amazing album to share with you of all new songs.    Yahoo! 

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