Need a Country Band for your Stampede Event?

Rusty Rider at First FlipStampede is just around the corner, and our calendar is filling up quickly.  Seems like a day or two of good spring weather reminds everybody in Calgary that Stampede bookings need to be finalized.  In addition, our band begins recording our 3rd CD this month, and if we’re lucky, we’ll have it in hand for Stampede week….eek — tight though!

Our band plays a wide variety of shows during Stampede week.  The last few years (and again in 2014) we’ll be kicking the week off with “First Flip” which is a big public show down on Stephen Avenue and 1 Street SW. Then we usually launch into a variety of private events – corporate parties, house parties, etc.   Sometimes we also do a bar/club or two.   Some gigs are the full band, but some we also do as duo or trio, or with Jacquie playing solo.  This usually gives people enough options to fit their varying budgets (Cost range is from $600 – $3000 for solo- full band depending on the size/length of show.  If you’re a non-profit or on a tight budget let us know!)

If you’re looking at booking the band for your corporate, private or public event, here are some of the questions we’ll be asking you.  If you can answer them in an email to jd (at), we would really appreciate it.

  • Contact address/phone/email?
  • Approx start time/end time  that day?  Ideal load-in/sound check time?
  •  Number of people likely to attend?
  •  Quiet background music or energetic (people may want to dance)? (or a mix as the event progresses?)
  •  Address of Venue?
  •  Description of Venue:   Indoor or outdoor?  Size of area?
  •  Is there a stage area of any kind?
  •  Budget or shall we quote you?
  •  Do you have a sound system we should plug into, or shall we provide this?
  • Can you provide dinner (reduces our travel premium to you for out of town gigs)? (or, if out of town, provide accommodation)?

We’ll get right back to you with a quote.  We look forward to Stampeding with you!

2 responses to “Need a Country Band for your Stampede Event?

  1. Hi,
    My name is Cammie Kaulback and I am with the Highland Park Community Association. We have a Stampede event on Tuesday, July 8 and we are looking for a band. The event is at our community hall which is located in the inner city, in the northwest. The event runs from 6 to 8 pm. Usually we hold the event outdoors, but if the weather is poor we bring the music inside our hall. The event is a community BBQ, but would would like energetic music. We have a new sound system, it consists of 2 speakers, no monitor, 5 challis and 2 mics. I am writing to inquiry whether you are available that evening and whether you are interested.

    1. Hello Cammie! So sorry I didn’t see this website comment until now; we would have loved to play your event…community BBQ’s are a blast! We should talk via email – please send to…maybe we can get a second chance at next year’s event! I’ll be in touch at your email address too. Talk to you soon!

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