Standup and FunnyFest

This spring, I took a 7-week course in how to do Stand-up Comedy.  I learned a ton about writing comedy, and performed in comedy competition for their various students, held at the Dog & Duck on April 21. I placed third – not too bad!  The Executive Director, Stuart Hughes is a great guy doing a marvellous service for the community, so I wanted to give him a hand with a few things.  My business, Tenato Strategy, is helping to promote some ticket sales for a good cause (HUGS: Canadians helping Ukraine)- and I’ll be providing some musical support to open the shows.  Check below for tickets (choose any night(s) of the festival you like, but I’m only performing on June 8th at Cardel Theatre) – see you there!  

Click here to get your tickets for FunnyFest June 8th at Cardel Theatre. 

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