Stompede for Stampede!

After performing pop-up shows when the pandemic started, I felt like I needed more horsepower from other musicians to spread the spirit around!  You may already know Gary and I started a community entertainment series called “Community Stompede”!  We’re helping communities organize their own entertainment to make up for the cancellation of so many festivals and events everywhere.

As no one has budget, these events are all based on volunteer musicians, artists, dancers and other kinds of performers creating fun, entertainment and games using their own equipment and resources.  Having multiple acts around a community helps to create walking traffic so that crowds to not pool too large, and people can be COVID-wise.  Community Stompede simply offers these community-based entertainer branding and promotion.

I have been having a ball planning these events, since they really rally the talent that already exists within every community – helping to develop and nurture it! It also brings the neighbours together on a whole new way, and makes them feel proud of where they live.  

As Stampede week is upon us, I am encouraging communities everywhere to join the Community Stompede movement – and request my free “How To Stompede” kit.  Getting an event going can easily be done in few days, with just a few dollar-store supplies. 

If don’t have the energy to rally performers in your area, but just want to perform yourself, register at on our website and we’ll add you to a city-wide map of entertainers we are building.  Stampede may be cancelled this year, but we CAN STOMPEDE!


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