Terri Clark, This is for YOU!

Hello Ms. Clark!

My apologies for naggin’ you – BUT I’m new to song pitching and between Twitter and this, it’s all I could do to figure out how to reach you!

I’m a Calgary-based songwriter, and a couple years ago I wrote a song called “Cowgirl that I Am” that I’ve always thought would be a wonderful fit for you. It tells the story of a woman whose “safety net” was pulled away and who had to learn how to stand on her own. I’ve gotten fantastic feedback on the song (Jian Ghomeshi loved it, and it was part of my last indie album which reached #4 on the national folk-roots chart).  When I heard about you breaking away from your label, I really related to that and what you must have been going through.  I own my own small biz and I know how hard it is not to have financial certainty!  At the time I wrote the song my husband was in a career transition and I had to find a way to make ends meet – tough!  The song is universally appealing to any woman who is a single mom or bread-winner, or maybe who isn’t supported by family.   It signals that you don’t always have time to look perfect, you have a load to haul, after all- and what matters is what’s inside.

I would be honoured if you would consider the song for your upcoming album.  I have also just pledged you for $1000….so we will soon be bowling together in Nashville. I look forward to getting to meet/know you!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the song.  My voice and production isn’t perfect – but yours could hit it out of the park.  If you want me to email you an mp3 of it, just let me know what email address to use.  You can reach me at jd (at) jacquiedrew.com or cell: (403) 804-4676.

Here are the lyrics (see below).   And the song can be heard here on my EPK at  SONICBIDS.

Cowgirl That I Am (by Jacqueline Drew SOCAN)

You might look at my boots and hat and ask why I stand tough here like a man
Cause they’re looking a little worn just like my fingernails and the veins upon my hands
And it’s true I could use a polish, a hairdo, and probably a spray
But you don’t know what I’ve been doing all this time to make it through the day

About a year ago a twist of fate sort of up and caught me by surprise
And the safety net got pulled away and left it up to me to reconcile
So I dug my spurs in harder and refused to let it get the best of me
And these lines upon my brow, they tell a story of all I’ve had to be

Well I’m weathered and I’m worn,
But I’ve been tough since I was born
And I can haul a load as well as any man
And my beauty’s on the inside and my heart can reach a mile wide
And I guess it’s just the cowgirl that I am

Well I used to be so frightened at the prospect of supporting all the load
And heaven knows there isn’t a free ride upon this old life’s gravel road
But when you’re faced with giving up or digging in, it’s really up to you to choose
So I took the reins and saddled up, cause truth is I’ve got everything to lose


So cut me down, but you can’t take me down
Cause I’m stronger by the day
With my head held high, and my shoulders wide
I can make it my own way…..


…You might look at my boots and hat and ask why I stand tough here like a man

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