The ECMA’s are Absolutely Incredible!

Wahooo! The ECMA’s are absolutely incredible – I ended up with 3 hours on Discovery Stage (only one of which was planned) and then have been playing impromptu at every turn I get. Sherrill Blackman (a Nashville song plugger) kindly, and spontaneously gave me an hour of his time to listen to my songs (because I couldn’t get a scheduled 5 minute session with him, as everyone else had booked them)! I also met many amazing musicians like Lennie Gallant, Bruce Guthro, Chris LeBlanc, and Ian Sherwood. Last night I met Flo Sampson (Gordie Sampson’s mother) – and wow, what a piano player! We jammed until 4:30 am in the hotel! What a howl! Tonight is the awards, and we are planning another late night jam session after that. Pictures and videos coming soon!

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