Winter Update

As I sit here, the snow is falling and I’m thoroughly enjoying that Christmasy feeling!  Last night I spent the evening brushing up all my Christmas tunes for gigs this month;   I’m playing several seniors’ homes in addition to a performance in the downtown (Core Shopping area) that’ll be all Christmas music, so I’ve gotta be ready!   Lots of tunes with lots of verses…’cause I’m still to proud to read my lyrics, even at Christmas.

BIG NEWS:  The band has hired a booking manager, Lynn Prichard, and we’re very excited to welcome her to the band!   Lynn has over 20 years’ experience in the Hospitality and Tourism sector and while she’s never been in the role of a booking manager before, she has amazing people skills and a lot of drive, so we already know that 2017 is going to be an amazing year for us.  She has also followed our music for years, so that’s a huge benefit as well.

CHRISTMAS SHOWS:  Richard Erickson (our amazing bass player) and I are at the Core Downtown shopping area on December 10, 12 – 2pm.  This is the show that used to be at Devonian Gardens each winter, which is currently under renovation.  I’m also going to be at several seniors’ homes over the next few weeks to spread some Christmas cheer!

DECEMBER 9:  The Crew will be playing our final show at Powderhorn this year.  Not Christmas tunes, but we’ll likely do a couple just for fun!

JANUARY 7, 2016: The Crew is at Ironwood Stage; we’re building a really cool show with lots of new tunes. Call to book your seats (403) 269-5581.   This show would make a wonderful Christmas gift!



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