Working All Night Online

Just had some fun working all night online, and adding more new photos and videos. There’s an especially neat video of my pitching a song to Sherrill Blackman, the Nashville song plugger, during the ECMA’s. I had no idea Gary had been listening and videotaping outside the window while I was sitting in that tiny room singing song after song… you can barely hear what I’m singing (But I’ve Found Love) but it’s neat to see such an up-close personal performance. It was so neat playing for him – he sat with his eyes closed, and listened to every word, stopping me if he couldn’t understand a lyric…and you can see by my expression at the end of the song that this was one of the songs he liked! He really gave me exceptionally astute feedback on my songwriting, which helped me a ton! I’ll soon be sending him a new recording of that song (with no 3rd verse, as per his request) which he thought would be great as a blues-style production, instead of country. Fascinating! There’s also a new video of me jamming with Flo Sampson (Gordie’s mother) and award-winning legend, Ron Hynes.

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